The Zine and the Un-Zine

Due to some hustling I was able to get my hands on a copy of the program which I used to create the first issue of our Zine. This means the second issue will be coming out very soon. 

To save money and time, we’ll be doing the zine as a PDF download from here on out. The amount of money and time it takes to create, design, print, package, and ship the physical zine greatly impacted when and how frequently we could release the first issue, so this way, we feel that the Zine will become much more consistent. It will also be light on our very small pockets. There was talk about having one option which would allow us to create individual physical copies on order, and charge a couple bucks to curb costs. I’m still looking into this, and we’ll see what we can manage.

Last time we had some submissions of art, poetry, and writing which we were featured in Issue one, and this time too we are asking for anyone interested in sharing to send submission to