There is really no easy way to start these kinds of messages, so I will try to be as tactfully direct as possible, so as not to skirt around the issue. I’ve mulled over the best way to announce this, and this seems like the best way.

It’s with sadness that we are announcing Brian’s departure from Picture Atlantic. This decision has been a long process for the band, but ultimately we all feel like this is the right decision for the band to make in order to continue on for the future. These kinds of decisions are not easy in any way, and it never feels good to have to announce this kind of thing. For some time now, there have been other very important priorities in Brian’s life that make doing the band hard, and everyone (Brian included) feels that it’s time for him to focus on those priorities.

Brian has been a huge part of the band since about 2007-2008. I’ve personally known Brian since I was really young, and he was playing music with me, even before I joined Picture Atlantic in 2005. We’ve been immensely blessed by Brian’s involvement in the group, and we have a lot of great memories together as a musical group. We will sincerely miss him out on the road, and on stage. We love Brian, and he is, and will always be a great friend to the band, and of each individual member. The parting was civil, friendly, and there were no TV’s smashed with Cricket Bats.

We have every intention of continuing on with Picture Atlantic, and recording this new album which we’ve been working so hard on. Brian will even be making some appearances on the new record! So as sad as this parting will be, there will still be future times of reunion. Because we believe in full disclosure, we will not be setting out to ‘replace’ Brian. You really can’t. However, we will be looking for another live or full time member to help fill out our sound live, so you may see some new faces with us in the near future. They may be a keyboardist, or a they may be another guitarist. Whatever works best and feels right. This is also a process which has been in the works too, for a little while now, and has nothing intrinsic to do with Brian leaving. Or to be even more literal, no one is getting kicked out so another person can join.

Brian is not vanishing in a puff of smoke right away either. He will be playing out these upcoming shows with us as he transitions out of the band. Below are his last performances with us, so be sure to stop by and give Brian a grand send-off:

April 2nd – San Francisco – Milk Bar w/ Lime Cordiale

April 3rd – Fresno – Love The Captive House Show

April 5th – Burbank – Woodbury U’s Woodstock Music Festival

April 12 – Berkeley – House Show TBA

May 2nd – Santa Cruz – Crepe Place w/ Cold Eskimo & The Huxtables

The band and Brian want to thank everyone who has supported Picture Atlantic, and Brian these past years. Your support, as always, is instrumental in the band, and without you guys we really couldn’t do it.

- Nik, Ryan , Brian, & Daniel