This Year and Beyond

What a wild year we have had!

2013 was easily the most fun, and most “successful” (whatever that means these days) for Picture Atlantic. We got to play BFD2013, Great American Music Hall, release a brand new music video, and even got to tour across this awesome West Coast to bring tunes to you all. But after our Great American Music Hall show we sort of entered a brand new mode in our band.

This past week we had a really great meeting with our manager and our producer/5th Beatle , Aaron Hellam. As of now, the album process for us has officially started. We’ll be doing weekly pre-production sessions with him, and on top of that, lots of writing sessions on our own.

I can’t even begin to try and describe all the feelings, ideas, visions, and intentions we have for this album, because each album is really a brand new canvas for us. However, we’ll do our best to keep you all in the loop (and it won’t just be instagram photos of us rocking out in our practice studio, because that just get’s old after photo 5) and leak little snippets and sneak peaks.

At this time, we’ll also have lots of focus for other things since we won’t be doing shows on a consistent basis for a while. If you have questions regarding our band, past, present, and especially future, please feel free to ask us on Twitter, or here on Tumblr, and we’ll do our best to answer them in a blog post. 

Love and puppies to you all!