Tumblr Crashed and Killed My Blog Post - The RB Story

Detective Graves is on the case!

People of the Earth,

While I had a much better blog post for you today, Tumblr (or Chrome) decided to oddly kill my tab and now I’ve lost it all. In this greatly shortened version of the post, here is the list of nine songs we’ve worked on with Aaron Hellam for the new album. Note their strange song titles:

  1. Evil Song
  2. Arabian Disco
  3. Capo 6
  4. Gorillaz 2
  5. Lost Highway
  6. Aaron Song
  7. Something New
  8. Sober Angel
  9. 925

We’ve had a long history of weird working titles and some have even stuck around:

  • Regina - We gave it this temporary name because anything with a piano automatically sounds like Regina Spektor. It ended up sticking
  • Ladder - Nik said the main riff of this song made him think of climbing a ladder. He probably put it more eloquently but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it
  • 5:50 Hurts - This was an inside joke about Brian’s auditory abilities and his penchant for asking sound engineers to always cut 500hz from Nik’s vocal mix
  • Antiques Unltd. - I originally dubbed this song, “The Brian Graves Movie Night” because it was written during an intense anime marathon at Brian’s house. I still write it as “BGMN” on set lists

We’ll have some video footage of last night’s session up for you soon. 

Tumblr, (or Chrome) I hate you.