'Twist' Media Round-Up!


Whoa - lot’s of people have been writing about our new music video for ‘Twist’. A big thank to everyone out there for the support. If you’re into it you can check out all the articles below!

"The explosive track fits well and fills the video from beginning to end. When it’s over you’ll want to sit back, catch your breath and then immediately jump back into it."

— Nano Bot Rock Reviews (http://nanobotrock.com/singles/3243)

"Twist is Picture Atlantic’s first performance-based (performance-only) video. Singer Nik Bartunek says this has some to do with the band finally gaining enough confidence in their live(ish) appearance to carry an entire video. Indeed, the track, a high-energy, erratic number clocking in at just under two minutes, is a great choice for this endeavour."

— Sierra Frost, Uptown Almanac (http://uptownalmanac.com/2013/01/picture-atlantic-sick-band)

"It stands to reason that PA would choose, what is arguably the most raw, edgy, angst-ridden track on "Digital Tension" as their first visual work from the release. "Twist" is just that; a 1 minute 55 second barrage of post-punk, rhythm-driven energy."

— Christopher Millard, Examiner.com (http://www.examiner.com/article/picture-atlantic-releases-official-video-for-twist)

"Local band Picture Atlantic released this wonderfully shot, terrifically energetic music video for their song “Twist”  this Tuesday and we’ve got it here for you to check out!"

— Live 105 (http://live105.cbslocal.com/2013/01/16/local-music-picture-atlantic-releases-a-brand-new-music-video/)

The video was filmed at Red Rock Coffee in Mountain View, a favorite spot of many local bands such as themselves, Dogcatcher, and many more.”

— Blacklight Findings (http://blacklightfindings.com/2013/01/15/official-twist-music-video-and-the-last-bands-on-earth-tour/)