Update on our EP

Hello everyone!

I haven’t spent much time talking about our new EP at all, but I thought I would sit down and write some updates about what we’re up to.

The Recording process for the EP is officially over, and we (myself definitely included) have been been very grateful for it. Now we have moved onto the mixing stage, and we’re nearly there. I’m going to try and save the juiciest details for later, but I would like to talk a little bit about some cool tidbits.

The EP will have 6 tracks, of entirely new material for your listening pleasure. It will also come in three formats: CD, Flash Drive, and Digital download.
There will be a physical CD for those of you who enjoy that ancient technology (kidding), a USB 1GB Flash Drive Wristband, which will come with the EP, Pictures, Art, and a PDF booklet loaded onto the drive. Lastly, for you Itunes people, we will have it up for download purchase.

And the last detail I will share for now, is that every pre-order of the album made, will come with a digital download card of our first EP “Change is Welcome”.

We’re looking at January for the release, so keep your eyes peeled!