Ustream, I stream, we all Stream for Ice cream

This last Wednesday night, Picture Atlantic was given an amazing opportunity. I’m sure some of you have heard of a little company called Ustream? Well the people at Ustream asked us to be part of a really awesome release they were doing.

Basically, they developed the very first app that allows you to stream live webcast video from your phone straight to your Facebook page. How cool is that? Where we came in, is that we were the featured band for their official press release and App party at Ustream HQ in SF. We got to share our brand of Southbay Rock with them, and in turn they didn’t call security on us.

Not only were we honored to be a part of this momentous Silicon Valley milestone, but it also gave us all kinds of wild ideas about what to do with this new technology for the future shows and events we play!

Thank you Ustream!

-Picture Atlantic