Want to Win a Free Shirt?

Well, then we have just the chance for you. Help us get the launch of our Zine to be a stellar one! If you can get five friends signed up to receive Get The Lead Out the official Picture Atlantic Zine, we will send you a free shirt! This prize is not limited to just one person, so you all have a chance to get some sweet swag.

All You Need To Do Is:

1. Have your friends click this link : http://eepurl.com/rKPD

2. Have them fill in their e-mail, full name, and Mailing Address.

3. Once they have signed up for the zine, have them put “Referred by *YOUR FULL NAME* ” in the notes section.

4. When five people have Referred you, we’ll be in contact with you about your free shirt.

Oh…and be sure to sign up yourself so that we can reference your name for later!

Lets get this launch to as many people as possible. Reblog this post, and spread the word cause those shirts are calling!