What Have We Been Up To?

Most of our posts have been of the “informational” variety, and I thought it would be nice to actually write something that could be read for some value.

So what have we been up to, and what are our plans? Well I’ll keep that short and sweet for the most part, as a long essay would be boring to read.

We’re currently juggling a number of things, one of the main ones being that we are working on new music, with the intent of recording it soon. I’m not going to make any promises or try and suggest a time frame, because that never turns out to be realistic, but we are consistently jamming on songs. Tearing them apart. Building them back up. Rewriting and then expanding.

We also have some live shows booked for the next couple months, with more to come. We’ll be visiting LA very soon, as well as Norcal. The LA shows should be particularly fun, as we’ll be visiting some familiar venues, and some brand new ones.

The other big project, believe it or not, is putting together the official Picture Atlantic Zine , called Get The Lead Out. This one, I’m very excited about, since I’ve never done something like this. So far, people have shown real interest in it, and I’m getting a lot of submissions. It’s cool to see what people are up to, and also the fact that they are willing to share it with a project like this.

Otherwise, we’re still chuggin’ along and doing that thing we do (ala The Wonders). I hope all of you out there in Internet land are having a good time, and staying safe. Now its time to watch The Time Travelers wife and eat my words.