Where Is My Zine???

I have been receiving this a lot lately. I’m shocked to be honest. Not in a bad way, but at how seriously bad, all of you lovely people want your Zine. Well I have good news: They are coming. I’m doing a little experiment via the US Postal service that could save people like myself lots of money on shipping, and once I see the end result then I will know how to proceed in terms of shipping you your goodies. But don’t fret, I have all them printed up and waiting. The people at Kinkos were exceptionally helpful, as well as our new Team Member/Jack of all Trades Caroline Jensen who has been powning life for us the past month. Sooo…Don’t fret. Your Zines are being taxi’d onto the runway and will be taking off shortly.

See you all soon!


P.S. Anyone who signs up for the zine now, will sadly miss out on this first shipping of the issue. After the first pressing gets shipped out, I’ll make copies accordingly.