Wow. That is all I can say about last nights gig. That was an amazing first SF Rock Hop. And the dance party at the end to all that Soul and Motown was seriously the added icing on the cake. So glad to see us kids get up and dance and have fun, and not be snobby and talk about fairtrade coffee in the corner. Also props to all the super snazzy dressers and acolyte Mods out there. You were all a beautiful crowd.

Also gotta hand it to Finish Ticket, Please Do Not Fight and Coastjumper for their amazing sets, and their amazing support as friends and musicians. We love you guys more than you know.

That was our last show for a while. Our next shows are all going to be CD release tour gigs, and this has us way to excited. More info soon!

Much love to all you lovers, haters, and limbo people!

-Ryan, Nik, Brian, & Daniel