Yes, Yes, my blog is a bit late today.Forgive me, I was sleeping in. We got back pretty late from our Ustream event last night in Fresno. 

A huge thank you to everyone who joined in and helped us out with making it a success. In fact, this blog today is going to be about that actually.

The experience, over all, was really just a huge blessing to us as a band. Not only was it super fun to play in a studio environment, but we got to do it with one of our good friends Sahab, who has always been super kind to the band. Without his help it really couldn’t have happened. He set up all the sound for us and made sure that we sounded somewhat decent when sending our tunes out to the web. Also a big thanks to Pat and his video crew for coming out and filming some live studio video footage for us! We’ll be seeing his hard work very soon I’m sure.

One thing I would love to acknowledge is the great feedback and participation we received as part of the stream. At the very end we got to answer questions, and talk to our fans, which was the most fun part of the evening for me. Anyone that knows me, knows I love to talk, and it was a huge honor to get to talk to some of our fans, and even some from around the world! This was just another huge affirmation that bands are really nothing without their fans. Without you guys and gals out there, we would still be in our garages recording demos on Garage Band. Thank you for your support, and for giving us your time and focus. In a crazy world like today, that is often times more precious than gold.