New Seasons and Changes

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a while since we last wrote to you all in this fashion! We hope that wherever this finds you, you are well.

This message is an important one and at the same time not an easy one to write.

It’s with sadness that we are announcing the decision to part ways with our drummer Danny Martinez. Although this decision wasn’t easy, as these things never are, it’s the right decision for all parties involved and will forge a better future for everyone.

It’s also at this time that we want to acknowledge the hard work and mark that Danny has made on Picture Atlantic. He has been a part of PA during the longest segment of our career, and has helped shape our musical landscape and sonic characteristics in that time. We’ve toured countless venues with him, and written some great music together in the process. Those things can’t, and shouldn’t be overlooked nor forgotten. We sincerely wish him the best in whatever comes next for him musically, and in life.

If you want to see what Danny is up to musically these days, you can check out his solo project The Forbin Project, which he has been recording under for the past handful of years.

For the immediate future, Ryan and I will be taking a short period of time to continue a writing process which we had recently begun as a band so we can release new music. Along with that, will be a much needed time of rest, and different performance schedule to facilitate our recording efforts.

We plan to continue writing, recording and playing music (and sharing it with you all), but at least for the near future, that will simply look different than in recent years.

As any moment like this, it’s always a good time to again say a big thank you for everything that you do for us as fans.  You support us in a myriad of ways, and we are forever grateful for that. Without you, we’d simply be nerds playing music in our living rooms, but with your support we can bring that out of our living rooms and practice studio to the stage. Getting to share what we create with you all is something that goes beyond words, and it’s always a humbling thing to consider. Thank you.

Peace and Love,

-Nik & Ryan