Thank You

Hello Everyone,

In the last month or two, I’ve had a chance to reflect on this album cycle we’ve been in. We released ‘Assouf’ a little over a year ago, played some amazing shows, got to tour Europe, all while having a lot of fun in the process. When I look back even further, the distance the band has come overall is pretty incredible. Picture Atlantic will have been around for 12 years officially this summer. In that time we’ve recorded three LP’s, three EPs, had the honor of playing with some amazing bands like Coldplay, Dan Black, Say Anything, and Eisley, and even made some lifelong friends. We got to see the world a bit too, and all the while doing what we love: music. Beyond that, I really couldn’t have asked for more in life.

Yet through this journey that band has been on for the last 12 years much has changed for us. When we set out as teenagers our goals for Picture Atlantic were very different than the values and goals we have now as artists and musicians. As you grow older and wiser with experience you begin to see what truly matters in life and that in turn shapes your art. As you mature in anything you do, your scope expands and you take much more into account beyond the surface level experiences. The substance and merit of things begin to hold more weight with you, and you long for different things in the end. In light of that, there are some ways we’ve felt artistically trapped in an indescribable mode with Picture Atlantic. I can’t quite articulate even now that feeling fully. Being in Picture Atlantic carried with it certain burdens and legacies that we were unhappy with and at certain points, we felt a bit boxed in by it.

As some of you know we recently decided to end our time with our drummer Danny. After it was announced it brought up a lot of questions about the future of PA and how to proceed. With this moment of reflection and change, it was actually a huge blessing in disguise. It was a moment to take a breath and get clarity. This felt like the time we had been hoping for in order to re-envision what music would be and how to search for that depth and merit; how to engage with some of those indescribable feelings I mentioned earlier. This was a great opportunity for new horizons and a change of tone and method. 

With some of that background set in place, it’s with humble hearts that Ryan and I are announcing the end of Picture Atlantic. We feel strongly for a variety of reasons that it’s time to put this project to rest. Ryan and I do this with full peace in our hearts and clear minds. Ending Picture Atlantic is done with the intention of looking to the future and to new and exciting things.

For some of you, this decision may come as a shock. Some of you have followed us from day one and supported us for all these 12 years. Some of you have found our songs and lyrics to be impactful, and even some have emblazoned those words on their skin. Some have covered our music, or let it inspire their own creations. We’ve always been so humbled by everything you’ve shared with us, and for the ways you’ve allowed us to share with you and let that move you. Picture Atlantic was not only a band for us but also a time of formation into the people we are now. It’s a big decision to end the band but it feels right in order to keep growing and progressing.

In the next weeks we will be sharing some memories on social media to remember Picture Atlantic and give it the send off we think it deserves. You can expect a lot of ‘Throwback Thursdays” and we are hoping you will join us in doing this same if PA has meant something to you.

Although Picture Atlantic is ending, we are thrilled to announce that Ryan and I have already begun to form a new project with our close friends and PA collaborators Lucas Lee of The Headlands, and Nick Stein of Finish Ticket. We’re excited to be releasing some singles soon and debut the new band. It will encompass what we have been searching for musically and a new artistic approach to things. We will be sending out one last set of posts and email announcing the release of the new band when its time. Anyone that wants to see what we’re up to will get the chance to do so through those initial posts.

We are also now doing some sales in the merch store to help transition the band a bit and make sure that everyone that wants to can get there hands on some merch before it goes away. This sale will also act as a ‘gofundme’ of sorts for our new project and give us a bit of money to start recording new tunes. We are giving some great discounts on the online store so be sure to check that out as the sale will only last a short time.

In the end, all I can say is the biggest thank you ever. I say it on behalf of the band, and on behalf of Ryan and I. You came on a wild journey with us and we are so grateful for everything you’ve done for us as fans and supporters. In a lot of ways we owe it all to you and will carry that thought with us forward. If someone had come to me 12 years ago and told me I would get to do all the things I did with Picture Atlantic, I’m not sure I would have believed them. Your amazing support and love for our music have opened up a whole world of awesome experiences and chances to grow. Thank you for taking a chance on us, and giving us some moments to share what we love with you all. 

Nik & Ryan