Another Number

Our zine is here. Christmas is almost upon us. The year is transforming into another number.

This band has been around for..jeez..a while now. It’s almost hard to think back on particular moments due to the blur of time. Still, even in it’s blur-like state, I still manage to get a general sense of all the joy and accomplishments, and the feelings happening within that time span. Little events here and there that brought a smile to our faces. Moments spent with friends. Shows played with friends. Boardgames until 2am with friends. Seems like there were a lot of friends this past year ;p

With this year coming to a close shortly, it brings up those feelings of thankfulness that wash around inside this clunker of a heart. We’ve been so blessed by friends, family, and God, and without those things, our passion for our music would be in essence, a dim whisper. Many of you have stuck by us through years of shows, albums, and craziness, and still so much more awaits in 2012. thank you to all of you out there in the real world who have came out to a gig, bought an album, re-tweeted something stupid we posted, sang along to one of our songs, or told a friend we exist. These things mean so much to us, and it would be foolish to ignore the impact those things have on us as a band, and as people. If any band treats you like stock, you’re supporting the wrong band. Gratzi.

Much love in this Christmas season. Remember to do something kind for someone too. Also don’t forget that Jesus was a dark skinned Palestinian Jew from Bethlehem who traveled around the countryside hanging with the outcasts, whilst living a life of poverty. Kind of strange we celebrate his birthday at Best Buy considering this. With that said, let good will flow towards each other, and I hope this season blesses you as much as it has for us.


-Picture Atlantic