Happy Almost New Years

An early Happy New Year to you all. I know some of you celebrate New Years tonight as well. I certainly will be, as tonight marks a special occasion. Daniel and I are helping our Tour Manager, Mikey, launch his musical project ‘The June Gloom’ at a special secret show. Mikey is also shop manager for Current Tattooing as well. Mikey & Current Tattooing have been incredibly supportive and amazing to Picture Atlantic these two past years. Please check them out -


Much like our earlier Christmas post (this one will be far shorter) I want to thank all of you out there in Internet Land who have helped us do this band which we love so much. 2012 will be an interesting year (either because the world will end, or we will finally be taken over by aliens along side action packed scenes featuring Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning) and we’re excited to get the year rolling. Much love to you all! Be safe, please don’t drunk drive, and if you kiss any girls/guys tonight or tomorrow night while drunk on the new years moment, just be prepared to wake up to an ugly face.