Day Three at the studio, and things are going pretty well from what I can see. We are slightly behind schedule, but we can always catch up. Last night left us all crawling in our skin, as we had to hear the same guitar riffs over and over again for about an hour at a time.

Today though, we’re working on two of my favorite tracks, “Ladder” and “Guerrilla”. Its sort of a nerve storm for me. In my head, I hear these songs in a very specific way, and you hope that you can really capture the magic or vibe that you originally intended the song to have. Even though I’m not at the helm, playing guitar, or positioning mics, I always second guess what I’m hearing. In some ways, I suppose that’s healthy. You try to make sure you’re really doing your best, and not just excited because the music coming from the studio speakers is insanely loud.

A cool surprise (for me), was that The National just released a new track for free download, from their upcoming album “High Violet”. You can pick it up here:

Yesterdays acoustic went great, except that my back was aching from sitting in the same position for a long time. The electric guitarists have it easy. Their amps are being mic’ed , where as the actually acoustic is being mic’ed, so if I move, the tone moves and Nik loses 1000 points.

Its probably a bad idea to be talking about these recordings so much, since they aren’t due out for a long long time, and we have our new EP set to release in a month, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself.

If you really want to see what we’ve been up to, I’ve attached a link that should show you all a live video stream of what we’re doing in the studio. You can join in and chat as well, and we’ve had a lot of fun talking to people from the studio.

Be well