Got Cabin Fever

Hey Guys,

We’re in the studio now (again), doing some songs with our friend Aaron Hellam. Its been a fun two days. Two more days to go. Right now, we’re doing guitars, which is sort of fun, if you like hearing the same 12 seconds of a song, over and over and over again.

On the plus side, this has been a great time to talk to peeps over the net. We started doing a live stream from the studio for people to come and watch. The insanity that has erupted because of this has been amazing. Can’t stand NOT being in the studio sometimes. And sometimes, you just have to get out and not die! I’ve added a little stream of the studio footage below. Check it out, and come pay us a visit.

No plans for the release of this batch of songs. We still have Dulce Et Decorum Est on the way, and we’re going to be touring in support of that for a bit before we move forward. I’m really excited for the direction of these new songs though. All of them have taken on a new life in the studio, and have really started to get stuck in my head (although, that may be due to the amount of times I hear the song repeated on the studio speakers.

Tonight, we plan to beat FF7. It will be my first time. Apperantly I was deprived of that experience as a child. Ryan and Aaron are my Gurus in this experience. Its been a blast. Like learning about Barney for the first time or something.

We hope you’re all doing well, and we are really excited for all the awesomeness going on in the music world of the bay. I’m going to try to post more to this blog, and make sure that its not of a promotional nature (which I’ve realized probably gets boring for you all).

Thanks again for reading!