Note Factory

It’s been a little while now since I’ve blogged about our own music, and I thought now might be a good time to update the whole album process to you all. 

Over the past couple months we’ve done about 3-4 pre-production sessions with our producer Aaron (for those of you late in the game, Aaron produced our albums Kleos, When Everything is Numbers,  and Digital Tension). This last month he went ‘solo’ and branched off to start his own official studio called Hellam Sound. Before he was operating under the moniker ‘Castle Ultimate’ with another great engineer/producer. I mention this in part to let the world know the great news, but to also explain that this has freed up a bit more time for sessions of demoing with him.

Thus far, I think we’ve done about close to 6 or 7 full band, electric demos with Aaron. Only 5-6 of them have some semblance of vocals, but only because time was short our last sessions where I laid down some vocals.

What can I tell you about the demos?

They are still very ‘Picture Atlantic’ but yet very different. The sound has seemed to me, to be heavier, darker, and groovier. These are all adjectives I’ve wanted to use for a while.

An added bonus is that some of the references to other bands people have been using, have been new as well. There were maybe about 5-6 bands that I constantly saw press, blogs, and commentators cycling through to describe us (I have a strong arm-chair theory that this was because some of these people basically were regurgitating what little they read of our EPK, and other reviews and interviews by other journalists, instead of listening and deciding on their own).

In fact, it’s been my strong belief for about the last 24 hours since listening to a lot of these demos all the way through, for the first time in a month, that we have quite a bit of quality on our hands, and due to the ‘short and sweet’ nature we are hoping to achieve with the new album, we may in fact have enough material for an LP and possibly an EP shortly before or after. That remains to be seen.

Due to the impending Christmas doom about to shake our country, we’ll be taking a break and re-focusing on this once the new year rolls around. Stay posted.

Regardless, we are very happy to have your attention in this limited, ADD, fast-paced, Web 2.0 , noise-fest that is 2013 (soon to be 14). And thank you to everyone for your kind letters, e-mails, messages, and tweets as of late. We’ve been getting immense love and encouragement from you all and that feels very humbling and amazing all at the same time.