PA Fans - You Are the Best

Last week we received an email from Melissa M. titled, “Just a note of adoration (warm fuzzies follow).” It was such an encouraging letter that I asked for permission to post it on our blog. Being in a band is a constant roller coaster of ups and downs, perceived victories and perceived failures and sometimes it may seem like your efforts go unseen. This letter is incredibly encouraging and I think all bands, big or small, need to hear things like this:

Hello Picture Atlantic,

I just wanted to write a gushy letter to all of you to let you know how much I am enjoying your music.  I know right now you are working on a new album and I am super stoked to hear it! If I were still listening to music on cassettes I would have worn out all of your albums by now ;) I wanted to encourage all of you to keep working at your art. Your music is Quality. You are all amazingly talented. I love how interesting your songs are ~ every instrument, the lyrics, the vocals. I like the mood created by your songs too - sad and a little hopeful (at least to me). Something about that just appeals to the moody gal in me. 

I know that some of you have forgone college or university to pursue your ambitions in music. Excellent choice! So many people today are miserable at jobs that they are less than passionate about. There aren’t that many people that get to do what they love. I can’t quite figure out why you guys aren’t rich and famous yet, but I think its coming. I feel like you are going to go far with your music and I want to encourage you to keep at it. 

I am planning a family vacation this summer to San Francisco. I am hoping that I’ll be able to catch you playing live. Any plans for performances in August so I can coordinate my vacation time accordingly? 

Best of luck with the new album & Happy Holidays!


Thank you again to Melissa and to you reading this for the love and support you’ve shown our band. We couldn’t or wouldn’t do this without you.